Epilepsy is a CNS disorder in which disruption of nerve cell activity in the brain occurs and marked by loss of consciousness, or convulsions and sudden recurrent episodes of sensory disturbances. It is estimated that every year nearly 2.4 million people are suffering with Epilepsy and those with active epilepsy is between 4 to10 per 1000 people. Approximately 80% of the epilepsy patients are found in developing regions. Yearly NIH spends $30 billion for research in the field of medicine, but only ½ of 1% is spent on Epilepsy research. Epilepsy results in an estimated annual cost of $15.5 billion. Epilepsy is a chronic illness of the brain that affects individuals of all ages. More than 50 million people were affected worldwide. Synchronous brain cell activity causes seizures and relying upon the region of brain affected they will produce a range of behaviours.

  • Types of Epilepsies
  • Causes of Epilepsy
  • Epileptic Syndromes
  • Diseases Associated with Epilepsy
  • Semiology and Pathophysiology of Epilepsy
  • Impact of the Epilepsies on daily life